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“If we oversupervise social media, they will never learn how to manage this independently,” Orris said.

“They enjoy keeping in regular contact with people they relate to – it allows for an increased sense of belonging and connection to others.” On such sites, teens can be seen and validated, Orris noted.Or you can be the overly permissive parent who allows your teens to explore sites and apps at will.Both approaches, experts say, could have dire consequences.“Teens also try out different self-identities to figure out who they are and what kind of adult they want to eventually be,” Baker said.“And to do these things, it’s developmentally necessary for teens to have private conversations with peers, and thoughts and feelings not shared with adults in their lives.” Of course, Baker added, the use of social media in this stage of adolescent exploration, experimentation and identity formation changes the game considerably.

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Logan endured social humiliation and sexual harassment.

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