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Like any other publication, music can be restricted or banned because of its treatment of sex, horror, crime, cruelty or violence.It can also be restricted because of highly offensive language.Most of the cinema films we classify are feature length movies, but we can classify anything shown on a cinema screen.

It also includes TV series, which are often sold as a box set after they have screened on television.

This means that some things, like 'adult' magazines, are legally age-restricted even though they haven’t been officially classified.

Instead of getting magazines classified, distributors usually label the magazines R18 and sell them in sealed packaging.

If the film has not been classified in Australia, but has been given an unrestricted classification in the UK (a U, PG or 12) then the Labelling Body will base the New Zealand classification on that.

The only recognises the Australian and British classification systems - it doesn't take into account the classifications given in any other countries.

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