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Dead man dating music

Track Listing: Secrecy; Seveneves; the Sleep Of The Innocent; Tierra Negra; The Dead Man; Invisible; Savannah.

On this current release, he adheres to a strictly instrumental presentation, his working quartet sometimes pared down to a trio format, or augmented by special guests.

The spindly Benson Ramsey, looking like he just fell out of a bird’s nest, and David Huckfelt, the bearded, beanied musician built like an ox, played a thundering rendition of their song “Aerial Ocean.” At the end of the tune, Simonett hugged both Ramsey and Huckfelt before taking back the mic.

Huckfelt and Ramsey returned later in the set for a cover of Greg Brown’s “Trump Can’t Have That,” a political tune Huckfelt had hoped would be a sing-along.

Using the palindrome reference in "Seveneves," Muñoz, explores the complex 7/8 time signature, utilizing percussionist Ramses Araya to emphasis the projected intensity.

They fall into the live trio setting on "The Sleep Of The Innocent," a serene ballad where guitarist Zimmerman is given ample room to stretch out.

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Dave Simonett, best known as the frontman for on-hiatus bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles, wore an askew Twins hat and button-down shirt topped with a thin jacket, looking like a kid on his first day of school.